Friday, January 29, 2016

Spark plugs - operation and exchange

They are small size, and decide on the proper functioning of the car. Without them, the gasoline engine may not function properly. The exchange, although it is difficult, it requires a lot of knowledge, because laymen should not be for her to take. Look, what the role of spark plugs and then manifested their failure. Can you name them? Check and see!

Construction and operation

The spark plug is responsible for the formation of the spark needed to ignite the fuel-air mixture. In this way, energy is released, of which approximately 30% is driving a car. If so candles are worn, the motor can not work properly - is characteristic of the higher combustion, or even problems with inflammation of the car. Furthermore, they must be very durable because they are constantly exposed to high g-forces. Besides, they are subjected to considerable differences of temperature, pressure changes and high voltage. In modern cars, their lifespan is determined even at 100 thousand. km, but it is normally recommended that you replace every 30 thousand miles. If you can't replace them call  Mobile Mechanic London.

The term state

It is good to quite regularly check the condition of the spark plugs in the car, for example in the annual technical inspection. Isolators should be gray or brown coating. If you have noticed that the color is black, there is oiling, burning or other damage, it is a clear contribution to the exchange. And there's no delay of the action! Remember that candles are chosen for a specific type of car, each one complete set. If so mechanic offers you a selection of candles from another car at a lower price, change workshop.


Should I replace the candles yourself? Not necessarily. What is needed is to a large knowledge - the lack of it may end up damaging the engine. If you dial the wrong candle, you can break the ceramic insulator, which is a big problem. Her screwing in such a situation can be really difficult. It is important also to have sufficient strength for tightening - too little down head, and too high lead to a rupture cone candle. Besides, there is a risk of damage to the thread, which end up dismantling the whole head in the workshop and pretty large costs. And most importantly - the world should always be new. Never attempt to clean old! The more that are really inexpensive ...

What is the replacement of candles? The engine should be cold and the ignition switched off. If under the bonnet are high-voltage cables, replace the candles one by one - in this way you will avoid mistakes. In newer cars there while the coil to be removed.

First clean the nest of candles from all dirt, eg. Using a vacuum cleaner. Prepare candles and check the manual that should be a gap between electrodes. Now you can remove the candle with a special key and see if the socket is not polluted (in this case, gently clean). The threads of the spark plug cover with a little oil the engine and start it manually screwed. Then tighten the key until you feel resistance. You can instead use a torque wrench, which sets out the appropriate tightening torque. After installing the candles just only connect cables according to the sequence of instructions. And already. Finished!