Thursday, August 6, 2015

Always think before you drive

Every summer, motorists are warned to not leave it in the car children and pets. The car on a hot day is a tin trap, which quickly heats up and a threat to living beings. Too rarely, however, we remember that high temperatures also affect the vehicle itself and on our reactions on the road.

Many drivers forget that not only the winter is a difficult time for the battery. Self-discharge is a natural phenomenon for all batteries and is dependent on the ambient temperature. What is important - the higher the temperature, the greater the risk of self-discharge. Therefore, if we want to fire up the car after a long holiday stopover, can we meet an unpleasant surprise.

Current Measurement

Remember that the batteries exposed to high temperatures (above 20 ° C) require regular monitoring and charging. - Any increase in temperature of 10 ° C is associated with an average of twice the acceleration of the process of self-discharge. On hot summer days when the temperature reaches or even exceeds 30 ° C, the battery discharges much faster than in other harsh weather conditions - explains plamoter.plusinek of Car Experts.

Simple battery voltage control (even every 2-3 days) will detect well in advance of any impending discharge the battery. Battery fully charged has a voltage of 12.6 V In turn, indicates the discharge voltage below approx. 12.4 V. The only control we need a voltmeter and control itself lasts no longer than two minutes. Another effective way to prevent battery discharge is to check leakage current in the car.

- Auto, even when it is switched off and locked, gets a certain amount of energy from the battery to sustain the alarm and memory controllers. This parameter was described as "leakage current". It should not exceed 0.05 A (50 mA). Measurement of leakage current is carried out at almost any mechanic and takes only a few minutes. It is worth to execute and eliminate any "deviation from the norm" before going on holiday. Why? Because too big "outflow" of energy, can contribute to the discharge of the battery.

Avoiding the sun

The tropical heat flowing from the sky harms car upholstery - shorten its life, causing fading, cracking, and even crumbling. It is therefore important parking in the shade. Remember, however, that during the day the shadows shift and auto you may find yourself again in the sunlight. Therefore, in addition you can use the mats and curtains automotive imposed on the glass or mounted on the inside. You can also set the auto backs to the sun, so we will limit heating of the dashboard and front seats. People who are not afraid of theft, also leave abandoned a few centimeters window panes, allowing air to circulate at a standstill.

Replenishing fluids and good vibe

Summer spent in traffic, also including the coastal towns, this is a difficult time, among others, for a working motor, which in summer produces large amounts of heat. Therefore, it is important the correct engine oil level and, if necessary supplementation. Seasonal vehicle maintenance should also give us the certainty that the refrigeration system is ready for the arrival of high temperatures. In this case, it is also important to regularly check the fluid level refrigerant.

We should also take care of car air conditioning. If the air conditioning system will not be checked and cleaned from time to time, it can grow mushrooms in it, causing allergic reactions, and even fungal pneumonia. Therefore, firstly, cabin filter regularly exchanged so as not to breathe the air of decrepit system. Secondly - every two years the whole system's give reviewed. Proper maintenance of air-conditioning, should take into account the exchange of refrigerant and cleaning of the ventilation system together with the evaporator.

Take care of yourself

Studies show that reactions and concentration of the driver on the road, after several hours of driving on a hot day, they begin to resemble those after drinking alcohol. Therefore, the driver should remember not only your vehicle, but also to take care of their own comfort and safety. This is influenced, among others, well-functioning air conditioning.

Note the correct adjustment of the temperature in the car - should not be too low. If the difference between the outside temperature and the temperature inside the car is too high, we can just chill. Auto should cool down gradually, eg. When the engine starts open the windows to hot inside the vehicle air to escape, and then in the first set the air conditioner vent to the windshield. The general rule is that the temperature difference should not be greater than 10 ° C.

On a hot day, in a closed car, after 30 minutes the temperature can reach 50 ° C and continue to grow. Protect children and pets, do not leave them in a vehicle, even for a few minutes, and in addition also remember about the car. The overhaul effect for your vehicle a better comfort and greater safety on the road.

Remember - do not leave it in the car!

In the hot sun car we should not leave items that are not resistant to high temperatures, such as: pens, drugs and cosmetics, lighters, food, CDs / DVDs, electronic equipment, etc.