Friday, April 2, 2010

personal car loans

I’ve been working in the Personal Car Loan business for a few years now. It is really quite amazing to hear all that nonsense that people say about Cash Loans and how horrid and unethical they are. It used to make me angry, now it only makes me smile.

During all these years, I’ve met people for whom a Personal Car-Loan was a very simple way of dealing with very serious problems. A lot of them would have no one else to turn to, if it wasn’t for companies like mine.

They usually don’t want to borrow money from their family or friends, which they find too embarrassing to even consider, and so a Personal Car-Loan becomes the best way out of their trouble. The overall financial situation of the people I meet at work is very different. It is true that some of them are quite desperate, but let’s face it – a loan is a loan, and whether it is a Money Advance or any other kind of a loan, they will have to pay interest, just like everyone else. We have to earn money, too, all of my co-workers have families to provide for. No one can work for nothing, and I find nothing unethical about the fact that we make money out of the whole business.

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