Friday, January 29, 2016

Spark plugs - operation and exchange

They are small size, and decide on the proper functioning of the car. Without them, the gasoline engine may not function properly. The exchange, although it is difficult, it requires a lot of knowledge, because laymen should not be for her to take. Look, what the role of spark plugs and then manifested their failure. Can you name them? Check and see!

Construction and operation

The spark plug is responsible for the formation of the spark needed to ignite the fuel-air mixture. In this way, energy is released, of which approximately 30% is driving a car. If so candles are worn, the motor can not work properly - is characteristic of the higher combustion, or even problems with inflammation of the car. Furthermore, they must be very durable because they are constantly exposed to high g-forces. Besides, they are subjected to considerable differences of temperature, pressure changes and high voltage. In modern cars, their lifespan is determined even at 100 thousand. km, but it is normally recommended that you replace every 30 thousand miles. If you can't replace them call  Mobile Mechanic London.

The term state

It is good to quite regularly check the condition of the spark plugs in the car, for example in the annual technical inspection. Isolators should be gray or brown coating. If you have noticed that the color is black, there is oiling, burning or other damage, it is a clear contribution to the exchange. And there's no delay of the action! Remember that candles are chosen for a specific type of car, each one complete set. If so mechanic offers you a selection of candles from another car at a lower price, change workshop.


Should I replace the candles yourself? Not necessarily. What is needed is to a large knowledge - the lack of it may end up damaging the engine. If you dial the wrong candle, you can break the ceramic insulator, which is a big problem. Her screwing in such a situation can be really difficult. It is important also to have sufficient strength for tightening - too little down head, and too high lead to a rupture cone candle. Besides, there is a risk of damage to the thread, which end up dismantling the whole head in the workshop and pretty large costs. And most importantly - the world should always be new. Never attempt to clean old! The more that are really inexpensive ...

What is the replacement of candles? The engine should be cold and the ignition switched off. If under the bonnet are high-voltage cables, replace the candles one by one - in this way you will avoid mistakes. In newer cars there while the coil to be removed.

First clean the nest of candles from all dirt, eg. Using a vacuum cleaner. Prepare candles and check the manual that should be a gap between electrodes. Now you can remove the candle with a special key and see if the socket is not polluted (in this case, gently clean). The threads of the spark plug cover with a little oil the engine and start it manually screwed. Then tighten the key until you feel resistance. You can instead use a torque wrench, which sets out the appropriate tightening torque. After installing the candles just only connect cables according to the sequence of instructions. And already. Finished!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Always think before you drive

Every summer, motorists are warned to not leave it in the car children and pets. The car on a hot day is a tin trap, which quickly heats up and a threat to living beings. Too rarely, however, we remember that high temperatures also affect the vehicle itself and on our reactions on the road.

Many drivers forget that not only the winter is a difficult time for the battery. Self-discharge is a natural phenomenon for all batteries and is dependent on the ambient temperature. What is important - the higher the temperature, the greater the risk of self-discharge. Therefore, if we want to fire up the car after a long holiday stopover, can we meet an unpleasant surprise.

Current Measurement

Remember that the batteries exposed to high temperatures (above 20 ° C) require regular monitoring and charging. - Any increase in temperature of 10 ° C is associated with an average of twice the acceleration of the process of self-discharge. On hot summer days when the temperature reaches or even exceeds 30 ° C, the battery discharges much faster than in other harsh weather conditions - explains plamoter.plusinek of Car Experts.

Simple battery voltage control (even every 2-3 days) will detect well in advance of any impending discharge the battery. Battery fully charged has a voltage of 12.6 V In turn, indicates the discharge voltage below approx. 12.4 V. The only control we need a voltmeter and control itself lasts no longer than two minutes. Another effective way to prevent battery discharge is to check leakage current in the car.

- Auto, even when it is switched off and locked, gets a certain amount of energy from the battery to sustain the alarm and memory controllers. This parameter was described as "leakage current". It should not exceed 0.05 A (50 mA). Measurement of leakage current is carried out at almost any mechanic and takes only a few minutes. It is worth to execute and eliminate any "deviation from the norm" before going on holiday. Why? Because too big "outflow" of energy, can contribute to the discharge of the battery.

Avoiding the sun

The tropical heat flowing from the sky harms car upholstery - shorten its life, causing fading, cracking, and even crumbling. It is therefore important parking in the shade. Remember, however, that during the day the shadows shift and auto you may find yourself again in the sunlight. Therefore, in addition you can use the mats and curtains automotive imposed on the glass or mounted on the inside. You can also set the auto backs to the sun, so we will limit heating of the dashboard and front seats. People who are not afraid of theft, also leave abandoned a few centimeters window panes, allowing air to circulate at a standstill.

Replenishing fluids and good vibe

Summer spent in traffic, also including the coastal towns, this is a difficult time, among others, for a working motor, which in summer produces large amounts of heat. Therefore, it is important the correct engine oil level and, if necessary supplementation. Seasonal vehicle maintenance should also give us the certainty that the refrigeration system is ready for the arrival of high temperatures. In this case, it is also important to regularly check the fluid level refrigerant.

We should also take care of car air conditioning. If the air conditioning system will not be checked and cleaned from time to time, it can grow mushrooms in it, causing allergic reactions, and even fungal pneumonia. Therefore, firstly, cabin filter regularly exchanged so as not to breathe the air of decrepit system. Secondly - every two years the whole system's give reviewed. Proper maintenance of air-conditioning, should take into account the exchange of refrigerant and cleaning of the ventilation system together with the evaporator.

Take care of yourself

Studies show that reactions and concentration of the driver on the road, after several hours of driving on a hot day, they begin to resemble those after drinking alcohol. Therefore, the driver should remember not only your vehicle, but also to take care of their own comfort and safety. This is influenced, among others, well-functioning air conditioning.

Note the correct adjustment of the temperature in the car - should not be too low. If the difference between the outside temperature and the temperature inside the car is too high, we can just chill. Auto should cool down gradually, eg. When the engine starts open the windows to hot inside the vehicle air to escape, and then in the first set the air conditioner vent to the windshield. The general rule is that the temperature difference should not be greater than 10 ° C.

On a hot day, in a closed car, after 30 minutes the temperature can reach 50 ° C and continue to grow. Protect children and pets, do not leave them in a vehicle, even for a few minutes, and in addition also remember about the car. The overhaul effect for your vehicle a better comfort and greater safety on the road.

Remember - do not leave it in the car!

In the hot sun car we should not leave items that are not resistant to high temperatures, such as: pens, drugs and cosmetics, lighters, food, CDs / DVDs, electronic equipment, etc.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Limousine in this life or the next

I am thinking of purchasing a Limousine in Los Angeles and the reason is simple, I’ve always wanted to enjoy the perks of being chuffer driven in LA made this possible on my last visit now I want my own lax service at my disposal.
As we grow older in life the strangest of desires come to mind so why not try to at least fulfil some of our dreams & fantasies.

Strangely enough a limo is not that expensive, Lax Airport Car Transportation gave me some insight to this information and I think before I foolishly commit myself I should be a passenger and really decide of I should own a limousine in this life or maybe the next. :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A pleasing service in USA

Lax shuttle service turned out to be just what we were looking for whilst we were travelling via limousine in the USA and the reason was lax shuttle were so highly professional, and extremely well educated where they were going, they had an extensive knowledge of adoring tourist places and they were extremely polite. I travelled with my daughter Bianca and I can safely say I can recommend them to any person who wants to travel via a limousine whilst they travel in the USA. Hats off to Lax Shuttle service.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Customer satisfaction none stop

Car Loans work harder each year to meet the majority of our clients needs, in doing so its makes us more and more favourable. The goal is to make a loan work at the flick of a switch in addition to find fair solutions for those who have difficulty in obtaining a loan having this objective has stimulated our business year after year.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

honda vs scooter

Perhaps you are a Honda car lover, or you may own both a Honda Car and Scooter and you find yourself using the two of them for different occasions. If this be the case then obviously you are keeping you vehicle in shape with the required yearly MOT Test as well as give the spark plugs a check and the the oil. A little care towards your Honda can go a long way and this can contribute to your motor being more reliable as well as contribute to help avoiding any major problems occurring.

The Honda Civic is a nice car and like the Honda Scooter it has been in circulation for many years. The reason they continue to develop this car and it's still in production is that many people still want to purchase a new Honda Civic yearly. Its not uncommon for people to have a passion for both riding and driving so to own a Honda Scooter and a car is not unusual. With Honda Scooter admirers they often work in busy places like the the west end and as a result of this a lot time is wasted had public transport been used. Owning a Honda Scooter can save you many hours a week. To know more about them give them a shout.

Friday, April 2, 2010

personal car loans

I’ve been working in the Personal Car Loan business for a few years now. It is really quite amazing to hear all that nonsense that people say about Cash Loans and how horrid and unethical they are. It used to make me angry, now it only makes me smile.

During all these years, I’ve met people for whom a Personal Car-Loan was a very simple way of dealing with very serious problems. A lot of them would have no one else to turn to, if it wasn’t for companies like mine.

They usually don’t want to borrow money from their family or friends, which they find too embarrassing to even consider, and so a Personal Car-Loan becomes the best way out of their trouble. The overall financial situation of the people I meet at work is very different. It is true that some of them are quite desperate, but let’s face it – a loan is a loan, and whether it is a Money Advance or any other kind of a loan, they will have to pay interest, just like everyone else. We have to earn money, too, all of my co-workers have families to provide for. No one can work for nothing, and I find nothing unethical about the fact that we make money out of the whole business.